Your Subject Line Forum Title Should Be The Title Of Your Essay Your Reflection

Your subject line/forum title should be the title of your essay.

Your reflection will include the following

1) Reflect on the process of reading your assigned sections and creating your performance. How did you come up with the performance? What sparked your creativity?

2) What were some challenges you faced? How did you overcome these challenges? Did both you and your partner share leading the production of the performances evenly? 

3) After performing, did you feel satisfied with your performance? What do you think you could’ve improved on after each performance?

4) What is an overarching theme that you saw when reading the stories from Mrs. Spring Fragrance? What were the struggles of the characters and how do they relate to historical challenges faced by Chinese Americans?  

5) Include three quotes from your story as evidence. Please use MLA format to cite the quotations. 

Check your work on 

How to integrate quotes 

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