Your Starting Point Is A December 2011 Article In Workplace Express About Jupite

Your starting point is a December 2011 article in Workplace Express about Jupiter’s 2011 bargaining process

In the role of the HR Manager, write an email to the new CEO at Jupiter’s Casino (in 2015), setting out the pros and cons of continuing to bargain with the union. Note that the bargaining process for the 2014 agreement, unlike the 2011 process, appears to be relatively uneventful. (500 words)

Use plain language and avoid jargon when writing the press release and the email, as you are writing for what we call ‘a lay audience’; that is, people who are not specialists in IR.  Remember in each case who your ‘audience’ is, and think about what kind of approach and language will be most suitable for them.

I would need this as soon as possible, thank you for the help! 

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