Your Instructor Would Like You To Write A Program In C Which Would Ask For The C

Your instructor would like you to write a program in C++ which would ask for the clerk to enter the total amount of the customer’s order. The program will then calculate a seven percent (7%) sales tax. Commission is computed based on the following: order amount id=”mce_marker” – $200 commission is 2%, order amount $201 – $400 commission is 3%,  order amount $401 – $600 commission is 4%, order amount > $600 commission is 5%, The program will display the following:  a) The amount of customer’s order (eg. $500.00 or id=”mce_marker”,000.00) b) The tax amount c) The total amount including tax added d) Commission Amount e) The customer will make five orders, display the average of the total order and the sum of all orders. You must use at least two methods. Write the output to a file named “Order.txt” The program should also display “Thanks for your business and please come again.” 

//you have to check order.txt to check the output as you requiredimport;import;import;import java.util.Scanner;public…

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