Your Friend Wilma Has Built A Mobile To Hang Over Her Infant Daughter S Crib She

Your friend, Wilma, has built a “mobile” to hang over her infant daughter’s crib. She has built it as instructed -she thinks, but it won’t hang properly. (She purchased it from Ikea.)

Check out the diagram of the mobile.

It is 60.0 cm long and is supposed to be able to hang with the connector located at the mid-point position -the 30.0-cm mark. All the bears are equally spaced apart. Here’s some info that you’ll need in order to help Wilma: * The mass of the two larger bears is mL = 0.310 kg. * The mass of the two smaller bears is ms = 0.220 kg. * The suspending bar is made of Etherium, which is infinitely strong and has no mass.

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