You Work For Segway In The Sales Division Of The One S1 Which Is Basically A Mot (1)


Question 15

The price of the One S1 has a statistically significant effect on our sales.

Select one:



Question 16

Daily average summer temperature affects the sales of the One S1 in a statistically significant way.

Select one:



Question 17

What portion of the total variation in sales of the One S1 remains unexplained?

Select one:

a. 10.22%

b. 0.241, or 24.1%

c. 0.759, or 75.9%

d. 49.79%

Question 18

Segway is considering selling the One S1 in a new city, where the average daily summer temperature is 75°, for a price of $580. What level of sales would you expect in this new city (rounded to the nearest dollar)?

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