You Will Have To Hire Is Personnel For Your New Company How Important Are Commun

You will have to hire IS personnel for your new company. How important are communications skills to IS personnel? Consider this statement: β€œIS personnel need a combination of skills – one-third technical skills, one-third business skills, and one third communications skills.” Do you think this is true? How would this affect training of IS personnel? Research IT and communication skills and find at least two articles that discuss communication skills in relation to IT employment. Analyze the research and explain whether you agree or disagree and why.Be sure to use in-text citations to cite and reference your research and the URL of the companies you chose for your research using proper APA format. Remember to list all your references to earn full credit for your post.

Skills for IS personnel Various opportunities exists for IS personnel some for them are system personnel,business personnel, requirement personnel, infrastructure personnel and software…

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