You Were Hired To Do The Development Work For The Local High School The School H

You were hired to do the development work for the local high school. The school has asked you to create a program to store quiz grades for the students of a class. The program should do the following: •Prompt the teacher to input a student number.•Display the quiz score for that student.•Prompt for each quiz score or the scores to be preloaded or hard-coded into the program. Your solution must include the following:•An array•The following 5 parts in addition to the coded solution: ◦A problem analysis chart with sections for given information, required results, processing required to obtain the results, and solution alternatives◦A flowchart showing the program processing flow◦A chart showing input, output, and processing◦An algorithm in pseudocode describing the steps the program will perform◦A written description of how you addressed each of the 6 problem-solving steps

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