You Should Be Prepared To Respond In A Well Written Tightly Argued Essay Of 3 5

You should be prepared to respond in a well written, tightly argued essay of 3-5 paragraphs. You will be graded on including a brief but clear outline (2 points), a concise and debatable thesis (3 points), the use of evidence (5 points), argumentation that builds from the evidence back to the thesis (5 points), style (length, grammar, and structure) (3 points), and a conclusion that relates the thesis to larger themes of the course (2 points).

Q1. Was Vergil (Aeneid) pro- or anti-Augustus? Using at least 5 pieces of evidence and at least 2 different primary sources, make an argument as to whether you believe that Vergil was pro- or anti-Augustus. Be specific in your citation of evidence, and connect each piece of evidence clearly to your overall argument.

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