You Read About And Practiced With Concepts Concerning Target Customers And Brand

  • You read about and practiced with concepts concerning target customers and branding. Now you will apply what you learned to address wine and soap products.Topic 1: Branding and TargetingChilean wines are now considered on a par with California wines in many cases. Do some research for this Discussion. Then respond in a minimum of 200 words to address these questions:
    • What branding and target marketing concepts have Chilean wines borrowed from California wines?
    • What have both the Chilean and California wines borrowed from French wines?
  • Unit 5 Discussion Topic 2Discussion TopicTopic 2: Targeting Business CustomersĀ A soap company has been selling their soap to consumers with great success. However, recently they have become aware that their soap is also a tremendous grease-cutter and could be sold to industry.
    • Which category of business customers could they target and why?

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