You Re In The Process Of Commercializing A New Urethane Glue Basically This Is A

You’re in the process of commercializing a new urethane glue; basically this is a linear molecule (molecular weight = 500) with an isocyanate group at each end. In the presence of moisture this material will “cure” through the usual reaction of water with isocyanates. Your job, as part of the product team, is to create the packaging for the new glue – this packaging will contain 10 g of glue formulation that is 65% by weight solids (the balance being inert solvent).Your packaging vendor says he has “just the thing for you” – a plastic container of the size needed which his company has shown will only admit 0.5 milligrams of water per day (via diffusion through the walls). He tells you that he can get you a great deal on this – if you need lower moisture transmittance it will cost you more (naturally).You want a shelf life for the product of two years, where the point at which the viscosity rises above 10000 centipoise determines end of the useful shelf life. Further, you know that the viscosity of the glue starts at 100 centipoise and scales with chain length cubed. So, what’s your decision on this packaging? Why?

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