You Have Decided To Open A Home For Dual Diagnosed Clients Who Have Graduated Fr 1

You have decided to open a home for dual-diagnosed clients who have graduated from a residential treatment facility and are in need of housing. You want to be able to support their recovery and prevent relapse in a safe environment for approximately 1 year per resident.

  • Use the library, course materials, and Web resources to research the treatment needs of the population you want to serve in your home. 
  • Write a proposal of 2–3 pages that provides a viable plan to serve the clients’ needs using scientifically supported models of treatment.  
    • Explain how the home will meet the needs of your clients. 
    • Describe the type of clients who are dually diagnosed (drugs of choice and type of mental illness). 
    • Are your clients adults or adolescents (age)? 
    • Are your clients males or females (gender)?

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