You Have Been Asked To Estimate The Cost Of 100 Prefabricated Structures To Be S

4. You have been asked to estimate the cost of 100 prefabricated structures to be sold to a local school district. Each structure provides 1,000 square feet of floor space, with 8-feet ceilings. In 1999, you produced 70 similar structures consisting of the same materials and having the same ceiling height, but each provided only 800 square feet of floor space. The material cost for each structure as $25,000 in 1999, and cost capacity factor is 0.65. The cost index values for 1999 and 2006 are 200 and 289, respectively. The estimated manufacturing cost for the first 1,000-square-foot structure is $12,000. Assume a learning curve of 88% and use the cost of 50th structure as your standard time for estimating manufacturing cost.

Estimate the total material cost and the total manufacturing cost for the prefabricated structures.

  answer with detailed information please.

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