You Are To Prepare Answers To The Following Questions Based On The Information I

You are to prepare answers to the following questions based on the information in the text. Throughout this course, the primary source of information to answer homework questions should be the text book. Each question has the same point value:The effective and ineffective cycles are similar in some ways, although they have opposite effects. What are the similarities? What are the effects of each? Share your personal experiences with both of these cycles.Your business has announced that they will be closing one of three distribution centers. As the manager of the largest of these centers, you know that your employees will be concerned about their futures. Discuss how you would apply Lewin’s change process to get them to buy into this change.Contrast and compare the directive change cycle with the participative change cycle and identify when you would choose each of these.

Running Head: HRM 1 HRM Answer 1:In between the effective and ineffective cycles, there are several similarities anddifferences. Both cycles include the change process, the action of the…

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