You Are The Administrator For A Medical Practice The Majority Of Your Patients I

You are the administrator for a medical practice. The majority of your patients is covered by a certain insurance plan. The insurer has revised patient cost sharing for some services.Service Patient’s Share new 30% 10% 10% Estimate what will happen to the revenue of the practice. Use the concept of price elasticity to make the projection. Assume that price elasticity for patients in good or excellent health is –0.35 and for patients in fair or poor health –0.16. Currently, the patients’ health and fee charged for three services are as follows:Service Patients’ Health Fee Charged Good or Excellent Fair or Poor 1 70% 30% $200 2 50% 50% $100 3 35% 65% $50 Based on your analysis, make recommendations about the fee charged by the practice.Analyz quantitative data and drew conclusions.Create alternative fee structures and explained consequences. List criteria for selection of a fee structure. Select the best fee structure and explained choice. No word limit…

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