You Are In The Shoes Of Surgeon General C Everett Koop And It Is 1986

You are in the shoes of Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and it is 1986. After ordering you to be silent on the AIDS issue for five years because it could damage the standing of the President and the  Republican Party with the religious right in America, President Regan has finally authorized you to prepare a special report on AIDS. You intend to detail the ways in which AIDS can be transmitted from person to person and therefore you intend to recommend against sex outside monogamous relationships and against the use of illegal drugs. Not only are these smart and healthy ideas, they will be well received by the religious right. The reality however is that many people can be expected to ignore the monogamy advice. For those people that are determined to have sex outside of monogamous relationships, you need to recommend the use of condoms. You also believe that you need to recommend sex and AIDS education in the public schools beginning as early as the third grade. If you make these recommendations that you believe are medically sound, you can be sure to ignite a political firestorm from the religious right and conservatives in general. If it becomes too uncomfortable politically for President Reagan, he may even have to ask for your resignation. What do you do C. Everett Koop? 

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