You Are Hr Director Of Westcoast Regional Medical Center And You Are Currently F

3. You are HR Director of Westcoast Regional Medical Center and you are currently faced with a shortage of nurses. Your firm currently has plans to expand the nursing staff by 11%. In addition, the annual turnover of the current 400 person nursing staff is 36%.

A. Describe how you would creatively recruit to fill your nursing position needs in this marketplace where there is a current undersupply of nurses.

B. What activities and programs would you implement to retain your nurses?

C. Your boss, the CEO, has asked you to recommend an incentive plan to help attract and retain nurses. Describe in detail your recommended plan and one or two alternative incentives plans for the CEO to consider. In addition, explain three reasons why incentive plans often fail. Also, be sure to include details pertaining to the necessary conditions for the incentive system to work successfully.

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