You Are A First Grade Teacher At An Elementary School You Are Especially Worried

You are a first-grade teacher at an elementary school. You are especially worried about one of the students in your class, Michael Johnson. He always seems to arrive at school extra early (usually about 30 minutes). He is never dressed appropriately for the weather, and his general appearance is sloppy. His schoolwork is on grade level. However, at times his behavior is aggressive and hostile (especially toward classmates). On several occasions you have noticed bruises on Michael, and when you’ve asked him about these, he was really evasive. During your first parent/teacher conference, you share your concerns with Mrs. Johnson. She breaks down and tells you that her husband, Michael’s stepfather, is very hard on him. He is sarcastic, always belittling Michael, and at times gets physically violent with him. Mrs. Johnson asks you for help. What is your role as a teacher? What assistance is available to Michael and to his family in your community?

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