Years Ago The Source Of And Cure For Pellagra A Devastating Skin Disease Wer

Years ago, the source of – and cure for – Pellagra, a devastating skin disease, were considered controversial. Reputable medical researchers around the country were very anxious to find a cure quickly before any more people had to suffer. One group of reputable researchers suggested that the disease was caused by a lack of vitamins in people’s diets (r = -.801, p = .000). A larger group of reputable researchers concluded that the rampant contamination of rat-infested alleys caused the dreaded disease (r = .309, p = .40. Based on the data from the two studies, what initial course of action would you advise for the treatment of Pellagra?

Question 9 options:

  • Start giving their patients more fruits and vegetables.
  • Advise the city to start cleaning up the alleys and allocate money for pest control.
  • A and B
  • The data is inconclusive.

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