Writing Prompt 2 In A Well Crafted 4 Page Maximum Double Spaced Essay I

Writing Prompt #2

In a well-crafted, 4 page maximum, double-spaced essay (i.e., one with an

introduction and conclusion), please address the following question(s).

References to specific passages of original source material may be used to

strengthen your argument; however, please be sure to cite them

appropriately. Any citation style you choose is fine.

When Marx was working on Das Kapital, Mill’s Principles

of Political Economy was the leading treatise of

contemporary economics. In your opinion, what are two

primary ways that Marx responded to Mill’s work? (in other

words, identify and explain two primary ways/ideas/concepts

that Marx reacts to/extends upon/contradicts Mill’s work

through Das Kapital?

Your essay will be graded for grammar, style, and clarity; therefore, a

poorly written essay will receive lower points than one with the same

argument that is well-written. Please remember that I am happy to assist you

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