Write An Explanation For The Correct Answers For Items 1 3 Scenario Reina Has (1)

Write an explanation for the correct answers for items 1 – 3.

SCENARIO: Reina has created a simple DVR application to record her favorite television programs, but her code has some bugs. She’s a big sports fan and always wants to record the broadcasts of sporting events, even if they conflict with another of her favorite programs.

For non-sport favorites, she does not want to record reruns; however, if the scheduled time of a favorite program conflicts with another favorite and will be broadcast again later, she wants to wait and record it in the future.

Unfortunately, her program is not working correctly. Many television programs that she doesn’t want are being recorded; the programs she DOES want are only being recorded if they are broadcast later.

The C# code (with line numbers added) of Reina’s DVR program looks like this:

1: if (isSportsEvent) {

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