Write An Equation A In Slope Intercept Form And B In Standard Form For The Line

For the question below, the answer I felt was correct is notated by a green border. MyMath Lab marked it incorrect with the correct answer bordered in red. I do not see how the MyMath Lab answer is correct. If anyone could walk me through the steps on how MyMath Lab came to this conclusion, I’d great appreciate it. Thanks!

Write an equation (a) in slope-intercept form and (b) in standard form for the line passing through (— 3,6) and parallel to x + 4y = 7. _ 1+1y"4" 4 (Type your answer in slope-intercept form. Use integers or rat: Ions for any numbers in the equation.) a) The equation of the line in slope-intercept form is X Sorry, that’s not correct. Sorry, your answer is not correct. x 2’] Correct answer: = .. _ _y 4 + 4 Your answer 1 7. = n — + _ y 4X 4

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