Write A Two To Three Page Paper In Which You Choose A Specific Characteristic Of (1)

Write a two-to-three page paper in which you choose a specific characteristic of yourself (it can be a physical feature, an ability or a type of behavior) that you believe to have been affected by your environment (physical, social, or both). Describe it and explain how the environment may have played a role in your developing this characteristic. If you wanted to do research to find out for certain whether the environment affects this characteristic in people, what method would you use? Be sure to use information and vocabulary appropriate to this topic.

Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words (two-three pages) and should completely address each question. Cite at least two references including the text to support your response. Although APA Style is not required for this essay your writing should be clear and concise. Please submit via the assignment drop box as a WORD attachment.

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