Write A Summary News Lead For Each Scenerio One That Follows All The News Lead W

Write a summary news lead for each scenerio, one that follows all the news lead-writing and AP style rules. Do not put any names in the lead.

  • Write a single sentence.
  • Use 20 or fewer words.
  • Write in active voice.
  • Use verbs in past tense.

-Scenerio 1-

Harkensville residents urged city officials at a meeting Monday to reject a pay hike in solidarity with many in the city who are struggling in the down economy. Resident Keith Carter of Fortuna Avenue said it was disconcerting that city officials could vote to raise their own pay, especially when times were tough for the community’s former shoe factory workers. Members of the Harkensville City Council unanimously approved a 1.5 percent pay increase for themselves, Mayor Nancy McDish and the new city manager, Mike Reston, despite the objections. The council members will receive an increase of just under $100 in their current annual compensation of $5,600. The mayor’s annual salary of $65,400 will increase by $981. The city manager will see his $143,000 annual pay increase by $2,145. The increases are retroactive to July 1. 

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