Write A 1 Page Essay On Steel 1040 The Steel Is Applied In Structural Engineerin (1)

Write a 1 page essay on Steel 1040.

The steel is applied in structural engineering where strength is required. This implies areas such as crankshafts, couplings and cold-headed parts. The steel has been forged at 2300 F down to 1800 F and r4esponds well to heat treatment at 1550-1650 F (Callister, p. 246)

The machinability of Steel 1040 has been rated at 60% of 1112 steel alloy. The steel can be formed readily in annealed condition. It can be hardened by heat treatment, quench and tempering to give 150 to 250-ksi tensile strength. The steel has a density of 0.284 lb. /cubic inch and specific gravity of 7.86. It is available commonly as cold drawn round bars and hot rolled round bars. Each of these has different mechanical properties (Callister, p.

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