Write A 1 Page Essay On Grounded Theory Approach Lost Potential To Manage Muscle

Write a 1 page essay on Grounded theory approach.

Lost potential to manage muscles in the hand is an example and has many effects on the individuals. A person with Fine Motor Skill Disability may for example not be able to hold a pen firmly and write with it or even function effectively in physical activities that engage the affected muscles (Nicholls and Jones, 2012). Emerging trends in technology can however empower this population and this paper explores the population’s experience with technology to develop a theory on empowerment effect of technology on the population’s ability to participate in graphic design.

In order to explore the research questions, the study will use a list of students with Fine Motor Skill Disability, from an academic institution, to generate a corresponding list of the students’ parents and teachers. Stratified random sampling will then generate a sample of 25 participants from the three groups with 11 participants being students with the disability.

Interviews and observations will be used in data collection. The students will be interviewed on their experiences and opinion over derived benefits of technology in graphic design and their successful implementation of technology in design observed. Interviews will however be used in collecting data from the parents and teachers regarding effects of technology on the disabled students’ attitude and success in graphic design (Johnson and Chrisensen,

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