Write 2 Page Essay On The Topic Ecological Consequences Of Natural Or Anthropoge

Write 2 page essay on the topic Ecological consequences of natural or anthropogenic activities.

Transpiration has become a major part in individuals’ daily life. Several individuals consider different transport options in order to enhance their goals of life. Fast and effective transport options ensure business communications, personal travelling and several other aspects. In addition to this, several automobile manufacturers consider the factor of technological advancement during the manufacturing of automobile vehicles. Most importantly, this transportation has several critical and inadequate ecological consequences in this present era of globalization. Therefore, transpiration can be considered as one of the major anthropogenic activities.

Huge amount of energy requires running a vehicle. Electricity and fossil fuels are the major energy sources that are required to run vehicles. It is true that high consumption of fossil fuels and petroleum can help a vehicle to run smoothly. This high consumption level of fossil fuels and petroleum resources are affecting the ecological and environmental balance quite critically. High carbon emission level is the major consequence of high consumption of natural oil and gas resources. High carbon emission level increases the volume of nitrous oxides and particulates in the air. It automatically increases the temperature of atmosphere that causes air pollution. Green house gas emission is the major reason behind this increase of global atmospheric temperature. This is becoming a serious ethical challenge for global environment and ecology. Several serious diseases, such as cancer, respiratory problems, heart problems and other diseases are the major consequences of this global warming and air pollution. People are facing difficulty to take fresh oxygen and water due to growing level of air pollution and global warming (Oshitani, 2006). Moreover, several species are abolishing from ecology due to this issue. Each and every animal has a major role to play in maintaining

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