Write 12 Page Essay On The Topic Case Study Norske Skog Boyer Mill Tasmania In V

Write 12 page essay on the topic Case Study: Norske Skog Boyer Mill, Tasmania.

In view of the complex requirements of a competing environment strategic organizational changes have become a continuous process. This is precisely the reason the organizational change management has become a widely acclaimed field of study in the sphere of business, organizations, leadership and management.

This paper presents a report on the impact of changes brought in a firm due to the influence of both internal and external factors on the organizational success.

In the event of any change in the overall organizational strategy for success there is bound be a significant change in the organization. This may take the form of changes in the operational management or changes in the total organizational culture itself. The changes in the organization may occur in an organization due to the efflux of time where the organization is existing for a longer duration of time and hence it may become necessary to incorporate changes in its operating and other areas. Such changes happen just as in the case of any life cycle process. It is important for the top and senior leaders of the organization to perceive the need for changes and make the organization adaptive to such changes. This involves considerable strategic practices in all facets of management. It is crucially important that the people responsible for implementing changes in the organization should have a thorough understanding of the context of change which includes a thorough insight into the basic systems and structures in the organization concerned. Organizational context is created and renewed through tangible and

concrete management actions. (Ghosal, S. and Bartlett, C. A. 1994) Any efforts taken to bring about changes without proper understanding of the requirements thereof may not produce the desired results. In effect the organizational change should take into account the evaluation of performance of each link in the

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