Write 1 Page Essay On The Topic Persuasive Aira Letter Inclusion Of The Co Curri

Write 1 page essay on the topic Persuasive (AIRA) Letter.

Inclusion of the Co-Curricular Records (CCR) would provide an official mode for student participation of co-curricular activities and nurturing talents in St. Mary University’s students. The management of the St. Mary University can only measure all roundedness in their learners through the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). It is also vital to consider that, additional skills besides education are important for learners.

Though some people have counter arguments on the validity and reliability of these records, I still believe that educational transcripts have to be complemented and acquire additional skills that place them in an advantageous position in terms of accessing job opportunities. Through the AIRA strategy, the management of St. Mary’s University will need to shift an amount of funds to put the Co-Curricular Records (CCR) in place. The management will also need to dedicate a huge sum of money to mobilize students to join the group, as well as hire the services of motivational speakers to motivate students on the need to be all rounded learners. However, this move will be beneficial to the St. Mary’s just like has been to other

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