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Discussion: Genetic Engineering!!!

Research current articles about the current debate over genetically modified foods using the following key words in an internet search engine: genetically modified food news. Read at least three articles from reliable news sources.

Genetically engineered crops and microorganisms are already widely used throughout the United States. The Food and Drug Administration is currently putting together guidelines for genetically modified animal products. On the discussion board, please reply to the following prompts.

1. What do the topics in these articles mean to you?

2. Does it matter?

3. Did you even know such food existed?

4. What are some of the potential risks and benefits to allowing genetically modified foods to be cultivated and available to consumers?

5. Why do you think that there is such a different reaction to GMOs in Europe as compared to the U.S.?

6. Should GMOs be considered “Frankenstein foods” or are people and nations simply not moving on with the advancing times?

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