Why 2 Convenience This Question Please Justify Your Answer Sleep 3638 25 112 2

why?2.convenience.this question? Please justify your answer.Sleep: = 3638.25 -(112.28)- 0.148Toturk: – 1;n = 706, R2 = 0.113.energetic than their old colleagues, how could the variable Age not be significant?" How would you reply toare not significant, you are supposed to drop these variables." How would you respond to this comment, andinterest. Let’s assume away the conditional heteroskedasticity, the original equation is reproduced here for(2) This pedantic guy further asks, "This does not make sense, supposedly young people are more(1) Some one who saw your regression says, "Well, base on their respective t-tests, both Educ and AgeContinue with the regression in Question 1, the relationship between Sleep and Total work is our+ 2.20 Aget + et

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