Which Of The Following Statements Concerning Gender And Public Opinion Are True

Which of the following statements concerning gender and public opinion are true?

a.Women and men largely share the same opinion on economic issues

b.Women and men both equally support the use of military force

c.Women and men agree on the issues of Affirmative Action and equal pay

d.Women favor increased support for the homeless and working poor more than men

e.Women support the right to an abortion much more than men do

Democratic elitism refers to the claim some studies make that

a.The uneducated masses are the most tolerant of groups in America

b.Elites are the real defenders of democratic values

c.Elites tend to be undemocratic

d.Democracy cannot exist without a fully educated citizenry

e.Everyone in the US, no matter who they are, can rise to the status of elite through hard work

One characteristic of American political culture is that

a.Most Americans are distrustful of democracy

b.Many Americans join civic, religious, and charitable associations

c.Most Americans are not very patriotic

d.Most Americans simply accept all practices and consequences of the corporate economy

e.Most Americans believe in equality of condition

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