Which Of The Following Provides The Correct Solution To The System Of Linear Equ (1)

Please answer the following question showing all necessary work for Finite Math.

1. Which of the following provides the correct solution to the system of linear equations3x+2y=—4- 5x—3y=25A. Solving the augmented matrix C. Solve using addition method 3 2 —4 5 _3 25 15x + 10y = —20 —15x + 931 = —75 B. Using graph of plotted equations below D. All these give correct solution Lbdo-Luéun’nisnblbiixo 2. Jen and Barry perform a survey of consumers about home meal salad preferences (“fresh” or “fast”). 405 consumers said they prefer to make fresh salad. 426 said they prefer to make saladfast (out of a bag). 331 said they prefer to make salad fresh and fast, While 0 (no one) said they prefer neither fresh nor fast. How many consumers did Jen and Barry survey?2.A. 821 C. 726 B. 500 D. 1152

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