When We Mine Precious Metals We Never Actually Pull Them Out Of The Ground In Pu

When we mine precious metals, we never actually pull them out of the ground in pure metal form. They are in the form of what we call ores, which are minerals that result in the combination of the metal with other natural elements. To get the metal we want in pure form, we must then use some clever chemistry. For example, one form of copper ore is known as chalcocite (Cu2S). We can actually isolate solid copper from this by roasting it: 3O2+ 2Cu2S –> 2Cu2O + 2SO2, and then heating the Cu2O to form solid copper via the reaction 2Cu2O–> 4Cu + O2. Assuming we only have a limited supply of pure oxygen, what is the limiting reagent in the first equation listed and percent yield of Cu overall if you are given 23.5 g Cu2S and 15.0 g O2?

First calculate the number of moles of each reactant and then the moles of productformed from each reactant. The react that gives less amount of product is calledlimiting reagent. mol 23.5 g Cu…

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