When A Courting Male Of The Small Indonesian Fish Telmatherina Sarasinorum Spawn

when a courting male of the small indonesian fish telmatherina sarasinorum spawns with a female, other males sometimes sneak in and release sperm, too. The result is that not all of the female’s eggs are fertilized by the courting male. The researcher noticed that courting males occasionally cannibalize fertilized eggs immediately after spawning. Egg eating took place by 61 of 450 courting males who fathered the entire batch; the remaining 389 males did not cannibalize eggs. In contrast, 18 of 35 courting males ate eggs when a single sneaking male also participated in the spawning event. Finally, 16 of 20 males ate eggs when two or more sneaking males were present.a. Display these results in a table that best shows the association between cannibalism and the number of sneaking males. Identify the type of table you used.b. Illustrate the same results using a graphical technique instead. Identify the type of graph you used.

a)When there is no measurement of any kind, only counts of individual form two groupsare displayed using Contingency Table.The below contingency table that shows the association between…

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