What Is The Reason For Having The Federal Reserve Administer U S Monetary Policy

What is the reason for having the Federal Reserve administer U.S. monetary policy?

The Federal Reserve is part of the government and carries out monetary policy dictated by the president.

The Federal Reserve bases the monetary policy on a poll from top business leaders, which ensures that economic growth is prioritized.

The Federal Reserve is designed to reduce the incentive for politically motivated and unpredictable monetary policy.

The Federal Reserve is an NGO that bases monetary policy on international trade levels and input from global leaders.

The Federal Reserve is part of the government and carries out the monetary policy dictated by Congress.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is defined as the total of all final goods and services produced ________ during a fixed period of time.

within a nation’s borders

by a nation’s private sector

for domestic consumption

for export by a nation

by a nation’s public sector

If over a period of time real gross domestic product (GDP) decreases while nominal GDP increases, then this implies

a significant drop in the price level.

that the given period year occurs after the base period.

that the given period occurs before the base period.

a significant rise in the price level.

that real GDP is much greater than nominal GDP.

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