What Is The Format And Entries For The Following Senario

What is the format and entries for the following senario? J. Morgan and M. Halsted are partners who share income and loss in a 3:1 ratio. After several unprofitable periods, the two partners decided to liquidate their partnership. The current period’s income or loss is closed to the partners’ capital accounts according to the sharing agreement. Immediately before liquidation, the partnership balance sheet shows: land, $100,000; accounts payable, $80,000; J. Morgan, Capital, $15,000; and M. Halsted, Capital, $5,000. On January 15, the land was sold for $110,000 cash. On January 16, the partnership settled its liabilities. On January 31, the remaining cash was distributed to the partners. Prepare the January 15 journal entry for the partnership to record the sale of the land by selecting the account names and dollar amounts from the drop-down menus.

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