What Are The Top 10 Best Customer Service Practices And What Implications Do The

  1. What are the top 10 best customer service practices and what implications do these practices have on a business’s success?
  2. What are the five best ways in your opinion (stating why) within the “17 ways to deal with unhappy customers?” and how have you dealt with customer service that wasn’t satisfactory?¬†What could you have done differently?
  3. In your own words state what your top three stats are concerning customer dissatisfaction.
  4. Write about a difficult customer service experience you have had and how you resolved it.
  5. Examine the techniques used by Uber, Etsy and AirBnb that is leading to their success.
  6. Pick a company that uses the same techniques as the companies above and explain how this company compares with their customer service.

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