What Are Seven 7 Health Related Terms That Could Be Used To Complete The Crosswo (1)

What are seven (7) health-related terms that could be used to complete the crossword puzzle? Use the descriptions below the puzzle to find the correct terms.


1. the process of chewing-prepares the food to be swallowed

3. the expulsion of undigested food or body wastes

4. a yellowish-green fluid important in the breakdown of fats

7. Secretions (two words) from the stomach lining that contain pepsin and acids


2. a burning pain in the center of the chest after eating

5. has a role in the activation of Vitamin D

6. the mechanical and chemical breakdown of foods for use by the body’s cell 8. system supplies digestive organs with oxygen and processed nutrients

9. the functional units of the kidneys

10. the passage of digested food from the digestive tract into the circulatory system

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