Wetzer Led By Diana Community Ecology And Ecosystems Section 52 3 These Two Plo

Wetzer- Led by Diana Community Ecology and Ecosystems Section 52.3 These two plots differ in: A. Species Richness B. Relative Abundance Define the following: 1. Species Richness: ______________ _____________________________ 2. Relative Abundance: ____________ _____________________________ 3. Species Diversity: the number and relative abundance of species in a biological community a. SD = SR + RA Two characteristics make certain species difficult to census when estimating species diversity. (eg. Nematodes, mites) 1. Highly _______ (lots of movement) 2. ______ Visible The feeding relationships between organisms in a community define the _______ __________________. Which major trophic level is missing from the above chart? What is its role? What is the difference between a food chain and a trophic structure? Food Chains represent the _________ of food energy up trophic levels, while trophic structures represent the feeding relationships between organisms. Food Chains are linked tog

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