Week 4 Learning Activity 1 Using The Company You Selected For Week 3 Learning Ac

Week 4 Learning Activity 1

Using the company you selected for Week 3 Learning Activity, it is now time to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you uncovered, and determine what strategy is best suited, based on the outcome of the IFE and EFE.

Discuss which generic business-level strategy is best suited to keep the company that you selected competitive, which is Samsung Company.

Requirement 1:

Reiterate the focal company and identify the generic strategy for the focal company

Requirement 2:

Discuss the generic strategy in the context of focal company.

Requirement 3:

Support the rationale for your explanation.

Requirement 4:

Use the appropriate APA formatted scholarly reference sources and corresponding in-text citations in all your postings.

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