Week 4 Integration Question Iq The Role Of Accountants Accountants Play A Very I

Given Topic: ‘Accounting has been nothing if not a dynamic, global discipline over the last two decades. The role of the accountant has changed dramatically during that time and will continue to do so—as will the nature of the challenges that the accounting profession faces’.Discuss whether you agree with these statements and why, from the perspectives of both financial and management accountants. Draw upon trends and experiences from your own country and from your professional background, as well as those seen globally and as discussed in the article that you are using.I have attached solution (WEEK 4-Disay.pdf) for above topic. I need your help to summaries in 2-3 paragraphs of 3-4 lines long is fine, and it’s required to cite 1 or 2 sources.your summary should cover below point.• Ask a probing question.• Share an insight from having read the attached solution.• Offer and support an opinion or suggestion.• Validate an idea with your own experience.• Expand on the ideas in attached solutions.Example solutions you can refer question id: 7430140. I am looking for similar solution for this assignment.if time does not permit for shorten the paragraph to 2.

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