Week 4 Assignment 1 Question 1 12 2 42 A Traffic Light Is Red For 25 Seconds Yel

Week 4 Assignment 1 

question 1  12:2 # 42

A traffic light is red for 25 seconds, yellow for 5 seconds, and green for 55 seconds.  What is the probability that you will reach the yellow light?

question 2 12:4 #   Pick a card Mike and Dave play the following game.  Mike picks a card from a deck of cards if he selects a club, Dave gives him $4. If not he gives Dave $2.

(a) Determine Mikes’s expectation.

(b) Determine Dave’s expectation.

Question #1 Probability to reach yellow light of a traffic lightP (Yellow) = Number of seconds that the light is¿¿Total seconds of the events SolutionNumber of seconds that meets the…

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