Week 3 Data Manipulation Language Dml Tables Populated Points Earned Comments


Thank you for your help with last week’s assignment. This is a continuation of last week’s work. I have attached the assignment requirement (Week4Assignment.PNG), the finished product from last week that will need to be modified for this week (DBM294_starks.txt), and feedback from last week’s assignment (Brandonweek3.docx). Apparently there was a problem with Insert Statements, which is highlighted in the feedback file. Thank you in advance for your help. I will have one more week of this course and then hopefully my SQL requirements (which I am obviously not very good with) will be fulfilled.

Thanks! Brandon

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CREATE TABLE TerritoryDescription( TerritoryID INT PRIMARY KEY, TerritoryDescription VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ); CREATE TABLE Technician( EmployeeID INT PRIMARY KEY, LastName VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,…

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