We Wish To Estimate What Percent Of Adult Residents In A Certain County Are Pare

We wish to estimate what percent of adult residents in a certain county are parents. Out of 200 adult residents sampled, 10 had kids. Based on this, construct a 90% confidence interval for the proportionppof adult residents who are parents in this county.

Provide the point estimate and margin of error. Give your answers as decimals, to 4 places.

pp= (      ) ±   (      )

Explain your answer in the context of this situation:

(                                                                                       )

At most 35% of workers got their job through networking. Express the null and alternative hypotheses in symbolic form for this claim (enter as a percentage).H0:p(     )H1:p(      )Use the following codes to enter the following symbols:      ≥enter >=      ≤ enter <=      ≠ enter !=

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