We Can Apply Laplace Transform To An Dde In F With Given Initial Values To Form

Can someone please help me solve this ODE using laplace transformations?

We can apply Laplace transform to an DDE in f with given initial values to form an algebraic equation inFUJI the Laplace transform of the solution. Then we solve the equation to get the Laplace transform ofthe solution. Finally. we apply the inverse Laplace transform to get the solution of the WP. This question is on the first half of the process. lhe function for] satisfies the ODEd2 d 2ngErHfi (Ema) +sfm=9r +sr+1 and the intial oonditionsflfl) = 5, i [D] = -4. Enter the laplace transfrom F [s] of fit] below in Maple syntax.Note: You do not need to simplify the expression for Fm or resolve it to partial fractions. F(s)=| HQE

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