We Are Addressing Prevention Strategies Relating To Use Of Illegal Drugs

We are addressing prevention strategies relating to use of illegal drugs. Pursuing prevention strategies is one way to proactively attack the drug problem, and hopefully reduce the usage of illegal drugs overall. The DARE program is one example of a prevention strategy. DARE is an international organization. In the United States, the DARE program is staffed by law enforcement resource officers. By educating youth as to the dangers of illegal drugs, the hope is that there will be fewer drug arrests and fewer drug-involved offenders in the future.

But what prevention strategies are in place for an offender who is on probation or parole? Historically, the role of the probation/parole officer in drug abuse prevention has been minimal. It is usually reduced to periodic unannounced drug tests, which is not a proactive prevention strategy.

Should probation/parole officers have a stronger role in drug abuse prevention? After you present your position on this issue, make at least two suggestions as to how these criminal justice professionals might play a larger role in keeping former offenders from engaging in illegal drug use.

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