Water Corporation Reports 500 000 Of Taxable Income For The Current Year The Fol

Water Corporation reports $500,000 of taxable income for the current year. The following additional information is available: •For the current year, Water reports an $80,000 long-term capital loss and no capital gains. •Taxable income includes $80,000 of dividends from a 10%-owned domestic corporation •Water paid fines and penalties of $6,000 that were not deducted in computing taxable income •In computing this year’s taxable income, Water deducted a $20,000 NOL carryover from a prior tax year. •Water claimed a $10,000 U.S. production activities deduction •Taxable income includes a deduction for $40,000 of depreciation that exceeds the depreciation allowed for E&P purposes. Assume a 34% corporate tax rate. What is Water’s current E&P for the year?

If you want the formulas and any calculations, select the corresponding cell and press F2(Function Key on key board),It will show all calculations and formulas AutomaticallyPlease Give Me the…

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