Water Containing 12 3 Wt Compound A Sg 5 72 Is Fed To The First Unit Of A Three (1)

Water containing 12.3 wt% compound A (SG=5.72) is fed to the first unit of a three-

unit extraction process through a pipe 3.55 cm in diameter at a velocity of 67.5 cm/s. The 

stream flows from the first unit to the second, from the second unit to the third and then 

leaves the process. A pure stream of organic solvent S is fed at a rate of 0.655 kg/s to the 

third unit where it is contacted with the aqueous stream. It flows from the third unit to the 

second, from the second unit to the first and then leaves the process. In each unit the 

streams come to equilibrium with a distribution coefficient of 5.32 (organic phase wt% / 

water phase wt%). 

Draw and label a flow diagram of the process. First convert the feed to mass units.

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