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I wanna ask the answer of question 1 and question 4. Thank you.

w hw1Q HEXIONSEBETBEFiz Bedo8912 (XX… . 12 . A- A- Aa A ab A . A . .AaBbCcDdEeAaBbCcDdEeAaBbC AaBbC AaBbCcDcAaBbCcDdEeB I U Tabe X2 X? AT . A . A 1P9XQuestion 1 (50%).Given568(a) Find 2A – 3BT(b) Find AB and BA.(c) We now partition A and B as follows:Find AB using partitioned matrix manipulation.+Question 4 (50%)The following table summarizes the key facts about two products, A and B, and the resources,Q, R, and S, required to produce them.Resource Usageper Unit ProducedAmount of ResourceResourceProduct A Product BAvailableO’ONRSProfit per Unit ($)All the assumptions of linear programming hold.I (B)Formulate a linear programming model for this problem.(b)Solve this model graphically by hand, TORA or Excel Solver (show the computerprintouts for TORA or Excel Solver). What is the resulting total profit?#1H . #1H 0185-131%

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