Virginia Woolf Is One Of The Great Writers Of The Early Modern Period In Literat

Virginia Woolf is one of the great writers of the early modern period in literature. Her work set the tone (and the expectations) for generations of writers to come (both male and female). For this post you are to write a reflective post that discusses some of the ways in which A Room of Own’s Own addresses (at least one) of the following issues: 

1) The situation of women in society. 

2) How gender is socially constructed. 

3) The role (and predicament) of the female writer in society. 

You might also consider reflecting on what makes Woolf’s prose unique and an example of what is now known as ecriture feminine (feminine writing). Do you see anything in Woolf’s prose that is different from the writers that we have already read and, if so, is there anything uniquely feminine about that prose.

Post length requirements: 250-300 words.

Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s OwnThe founder of modern feminist literary criticism, Virginia Woolf gives new directions tofeminist literary criticism in the early decades of 20th century….

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